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Security prospecting toolkit

Getting your foot in the door with a prospect under MSP contract is no easy feat. You can't go in with your own MSP offering, so how do you start the process? Network assessments, data backup, vulnerability scans? Nope. No competitor is giving YOU access to their network. So what can you use?

Security. Running a dark web scan to wake your prospect up only requires domain access to the dark web. Most IT providers aren't educating their end-users, with vulnerabilities your prospects can see, you've just found your way in.

  • get the meeting
  • get your foot in the door
  • establish the relationship
  • close the deal
  • help me go to market

01: Dark Web Prospecting

The first step to prospecting is getting the first meeting. The easiest way to get that meeting - Opening their eyes with dark web data!

A: Script/Email

Come armed with dark web data and get ready to secure that first meeting!

B: Slide deck

Secure the next meeting? Next up is opening your prospect's eyes to their security risks.

C: Proposal

Be ready to move forward with the Training & Phishing Assessment!

D: Follow-up

Follow-up with your prospect after the meeting with our email templates!

Before you get started...

Review the Security Prospecting Toolkit process, set up your partner-branded landing pages and check out your supporting content like social media ads, videos, and blogs - which can be found under the Marketing Content & Resources section below!


Unlimited Training & Breach Prevention Platform

The backbone 

Our Security Prospecting Toolkit combines tools from both our Unlimited Training subscription as well as our Breach Prevention Platform subscription.


Marketing Content Moves Prospects Through the Funnel

The support system

Less time creating content means more time spent growing your business.


Become a Trusted Security Adviser as You Increase Your ROI

The big benefits

By positioning yourself as a security expert and focusing on human vulnerabilities, you can get your foot in the door with prospects and make them more aware of the risks they face daily.

We have been using the various tools of Breach Secure Now! for prospecting and approaching new clients. IT is one of the best tools to get your foot in the door before closing new MSP Business.



Tips & Feedback

We are actively creating content for our Security Prospecting Toolkit. Have ideas? Respond to our survey!

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