Blast Through The Barrier

Whether your goal is lead generation, increased funnel movement, or remediation your clients can see - there's no limit to what you can do with Breach Secure Now! So what's stopping you?

Houston, we have a solution!

White-labeled, channel-exclusive, and monthly payment terms. No matter the problem, we have the tools and the flexibility to help.

Partner Program

Breach Secure Now!'s Partner Program combines InfoArmor-backed Dark Web data, Simulated Phishing, and Security Awareness training for ALL your clients. Roll in curated marketing content and an internal Breach Prevention Platform account for your business.

Dark Web Monitoring

For an additional cost to your Partner Program subscription, you will be able to purchase domains in blocks of 10 for continuous dark web monitoring. With alert notifications and human-backed data, you can confidently provide dark web monitoring without breaking the bank.

Breach Prevention Platform

A per client upgrade that transforms stationary data into continuous. With continuous monitoring, unlimited phishing campaigns, and weekly educational videos - you can keep security top of mind and provide remediation with results clients can SEE. 


I'm Jason Dawson

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Built for MSPs, by MSPs. With tools and content that enable your success, there's nothing stopping you from blasting off to new heights.

Dark Web Lead Generation

With our Dark Web scans combined with ready to customize social media ads and branded landing pages, you'll blast off in no time.

Baseline Security Assessments

Get a baseline assessment of your client or prospect's security posture with simulated phishing and security awareness training.

Curated Marketing Content

Our Security Prospecting Toolkit, a curated process to help you move opportunities through the funnel, plus white-labeled marketing content.

Differentiate Your Business

Provide what the competition isn't and start opening your clients eyes to their security risks and roll out remediation they can see.

Personal Account Manager

When you become a Breach Secure Now! partner, you get a personal Partner Engagement Manager to enable your success and growth. As your personal advocate, they'll work with you to ensure a smooth launch.

Find the Weakest Links

With our Breach Prevention Platform featuring EVA, our Employee Vulnerability Assessment, you can transform your clients' weakest links into their strongest defenses with continuous security monitoring.