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Leveraging SEO & Content Marketing

Selling security services is tough because it's a lot like selling insurance - you're preparing and protecting clients against the what-ifs. As a Managed Service Provider, leveraging content marketing and SEO to increase lead generation, build relationships, and educate possible customers not only supports your revenue growth but leads to higher quality customers! 

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Curtis Hays, Owner/Consultant, Headshot

Special Guest & SEO Expert

Special Guest & SEO Expert

Curtis Hays

Founder/Marketing Consultant

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Voted best SEO agency of 2019 by DesignRush

Voted best SEO agency of 2019 by DesignRush

Kathryn Daniels, Director of Client Operations, Headshot

MSP Marketplace Expert

MSP Marketplace Expert

Kathryn Daniels

Director, Client Operations

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Breaking the barrier between MSPs and quality leads

Breaking the barrier between MSPs and quality leads

Who is Breach Secure Now?

Protecting SMBs, Empowering MSPs©

As an independently-owned organization focused on MSP empowerment, we at Breach Secure Now focus on providing MSPs with the white-label security services their clients need to protect their business. Designed to mitigate human security risks, provide assistance with complex compliance regulations, reduce cybersecurity risks and offer breach response services, our all-in-one solution paired with our extensive sales and marketing resources allow MSPs to focus on growing their business. 

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