ON-DEMAND webinar with award-winning speaker, JENNIFER BLEAM

The Cybersecurity Hand Off:
From Marketing to Sales


Marketing, Sales, and Liability

Don’t miss your chance to hear from sales and marketing specialist, Jennifer Bleam, as she hits on YOUR top pain points, PLUS an exclusive Q&A session!

Jennifer Bleam

MSP Sales Revolution

Known for her sales and marketing expertise, Jennifer is an award-winning speaker and respected leader in the IT channel. After growing CARVIR Cyber Security from start up to acquisition in less than 2 years, Jennifer is on a mission to help MSPs take cybersecurity to market quickly, easily, and profitably.

Art Gross

Breach Secure Now!

CEO and co-founder of Entegration, Inc., an MSP founded in 2000, Art dedicated his work to the IT Channel by introducing the Breach Secure Now services with a mission to protect small to medium-sized business by empowering Managed Service Providers with the tools, content, and support they need.

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Art and Jennifer Discuss:

Marketing and Social Media

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    Making headlines relatable
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    Becoming a cybersecurity expert
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    Re-purposing vendor content 

Cybersecurity Sales

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    Selling to clients VS prospects
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    Overcoming sales objections
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    Packaging & pricing

Liability & Follow-Up

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    What if they don't buy?
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    What if a client experiences a security incident?

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